For new friends and for those who don’t know my past, I will share today’s significance with you…
About 12 years ago, I met Mike, and he changed my life forever and completely. When we met I was in my 30’s and I was a rebellious woman-child. With a gentle spirit and a huge heart, he stood in the midst of my storm and calmed the raging sea. He taught me about true love and he made me realize I deserved his love, when I was convinced no one could ever love me. He helped me to grow into a woman and to leave my childish rebellions behind. We had a “normal” life, with bills and disagreements, but above all, Love. But then, the diagnosis…Cancer.
They told us 3 months but for Mike, he saw it as a challenge. He made it eight months! On June 11th, 2010, we got married, an ambulance was our wedding Chapel. We brought him home, friends and family surrounding us…So much love….as they say, “If love could save a life, you would still be here…
Mike taught me my biggest lesson, how to be selfless, how to care for another’s life…how to love Beyond love…on June 14th, 2010…God took my tired Mike home to give him rest.
I never want anyone to forget Mike(Michael J. Simmons) because I will never forget…How he taught me about my own inner strength and perseverance…Mike might not have changed The world but he did change My world…for the better💜 Rest now, my sweet angel…

Published by LauraSue Gutierrez

My name is LauraSue. I have been writing and painting since I was a child and it consumes me. Mental Health Advocate. My favorite color is Purple. I am a mother and grandmother. Christian. Social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Goodreads. You can see my books SPILLED FEELINGS and BATTLES WON on my Author Central Page on Amazon.

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